An Introduction to #UTWA

April 1, 2017

#UTWA is your weekly opportunity to engage in unstructured time with art.

Why do we love the arts?

Sara: For me, art is about storytelling, community, and shared experiences. Art provides therapy and healing, education, escape, and pure enjoyment. It is a tool for communication that empowers individuals and communities to be expressive in ways that are meaningful to them. I am an amateur storyteller, musician, and acrobat, a professional fundraiser, and a life-long arts advocate.

SommerArt is how humanity will defend and protect itself when AI takes over. Also - art is a community experience that allows us to tell our stories and learn the stories of others. I grew up reading books and loved being pulled into stories that let me experience things outside of my own understanding. I do theater in part because I want to share that feeling with others. I also love the community of art people.

Why are we doing this podcast?

Sommer: I miss grad school.

Sara: Sommer told me we were doing it.

What can you expect from us?

We'll be discussing articles, films, TV shows, books, music, live performances, conferences and other learning opportunities, etc. that strike our fancy, related to the arts industry. Most of our experience is in the performing arts, but you can also expect to hear about the visual arts, fashion, design, etc. as topics arise.

Thanks for being here with us!