Ep. 10 - It needs a little more sanding.

June 8, 2017

Welcome to #UTWA - your weekly unstructured time with art.

In this episode, Sara and Sommer have opinions. We talk about post-show discussions and the gap between donors' perceived and actual giving. Also, Sara interviews Sommer about the process of bringing a new play to life, and Sommer works to derail Sara's story about building a hula hoop.

If you have any ideas for songs or monologues about food, tweet at us - or audition for Sommer's cabaret.


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You can find the topics we discussed today listed below:

Playwright Threatens Fines Over Post-Show Discussion of His Play (http://www.onstageblog.com/columns/2017/5/24/david-mamet-doesnt-want-you-to-talk-about-david-mamet-after-seeing-a-david-mamet-play)

New Study: Donors Are Much Less Generous Than They Think (http://www.afpnet.org/Audiences/ReportsResearchDetail.cfm?ItemNumber=44051)

Hula Hoop Make Night (https://thewalters.org/events/event.aspx?e=4712)

The Walters Art Museum (https://thewalters.org)

Station North Tool Library (http://www.stationnorthtoollibrary.org/)

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